Many are asking what BAXIE is, and why it is so unique, but mostly how it can help protect not only my security but also my safety. The core engine uses a revolutionary technology linking thousands of computers collectively together to operate as one large computer.

The system operates on a distributed core engine that is not only created and owned by Haven Technologies, but implemented in other projects too. Our services use the linked computers to create a matrix that gets programmed into a virtual FPGA using the shared CPU, GPU, and resources of the connected computers on the network. Making BAXIE one extensive Artificial Intelligence, but each device becomes an access terminal, giving the system the ability to process data and services on all the collective computers.

The system currently has over 500 connected devices that have been operating continuously since March 2, 2019. Although the design mimicked a quantum engine, it does not have its power, until more users get connected to the services. As more people connect to the services, it also increases its processing power, making it able to work stronger and faster. In the future, when there are millions of connected users, the system would be vastly quicker and giving it the ability to exceed current processing services.

The design of BAXIE not only gives it the ability to learn from the computer, and operators using the device, but it also gives it the ability to utilize what it has learned from every other device connected to the network. There are many devices out there that can learn how to perform one function and use what it learned repetitively. We designed our system to not only learn from the results of one device interacting with users, but it also learns from the results of every device connected to the network.

If the system learns information on a person who interacts with the user, it can learn more about their interaction with others from every device connected. With this information, it collects data on that person, and it can choose how to deal with them. Our system can learn their interaction with others, and also learn about their likes and motivations to determine if they pose a threat.

If you have not guessed by now, this is the foundation of intelligence that all the other Artificial Intelligence systems can not provide. Our system controls the data flow, and also the processes of the services and the data results, while the matrix performs operations at multiple levels while maintaining operations.

The base of our Virtual Distributed Artificial Intelligence Engine uses the blockchain transaction service in the matrix to send posts, updates, and queries to every computer connected. Every device sends notices to the matrix array, updating if it is busy or idle. When a process query is required, they are only sent to those available.

We modified the blockchain transaction service to support a technology used years back called folding @ home. With this modification, each computer can share a small portion of its CPU, GPU, and resources. The system can not only share its resources to every connected device, but with the matrix, it can process large functions and calculations over multiple computers, while maintaining the integrity of the data and results.

I based the entire system and network on the foundation of the human body, and the operational functions that it does. Our learning process consists of using the input of our senses, while we learn how to process the feedback from those senses. We have touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound as inputs that allow us to learn. Many will find this hard to grasp, so I will break it down to the most simple form so that others can build a greater understanding of the operation.

Our senses take the input and feed it to the brain so it can organize the data for storage and recollection. The brain then transmits the information through the neural network where the neurons then route the query and data through the axons, just like a quantum bit routes the data flow. The brain transmits the data through the neural network to every cell in the body to be processed and stored in the DNA. Each cell in our body is like multiple threaded computers with the ability to process, store, and retrieve data.

The sensory input for our system is voice, video, web scraping, and packet sniffing that gets sent to the matrix array in the Virtual Distributed Artificial intelligence Engine. Once the matrix array processes the data and queries, it then transmits it through the modified blockchain network to every connected computer. Every computer then processes the information and responds to the matrix array, and then events are triggered and transmitted to the requested device.

Like mentioned, we based our system around the human biological process, so it only seems reasonable that humans don’t need a password to recognize others, so why should BAXIE require a password to identify those it has interactions with daily. We have incorporated an advanced biometric system for a superior identification service that prevents a false identity.

The system has included voice, facial, retinal, and fingerprint recognition services. We use these to replace the need for passwords for identification and securing your data. Each recognition service gets used to create keys to secure and encrypt your data. Those keys are used to encrypt your data, but BAXIE can use any one of those keys to decrypt the data based on your security level requirements.

Currently, our system supports four levels of security identification to identify people. Our services will encrypt your data using your security keys, but if your data security is level one, to access the data the system will use any one of the four biometrics to identify you, but if on level four, it requires you to provide all four of the biometrics to access the data.

This service allows you to secure your voice mail and messages, so access is limited, preventing tampering or unauthorized access. You can secure your documents and services based on credentials, but you can also grant others access to your files based on their keys. The permutations are endless because we allow multiple security levels.